Quick Response Dispatch Photography / Video Services


Las Vegas Dispatch Photo & Video Service
P.O. Box 231928
Las Vegas, NV 89105 · USA
Phone: 702-474-4653 · Fax: 702-270-8161 info@lvdps.com

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  • About Us

    Welcome to Las Vegas Dispatch Photo Services. Las Vegas event photography and videography. We provide quick response on-site photography, and video services. We can quickly get to any location and photograph or video your subject matter. Digital images or footage are quickly made available via ftp, our website or on DVD. LVDPS Photography offers onsite color printing at any event. 4×6, 5×7 prints, 6×9 and 8x10 prints can be provided with portrait stations or from candid taken throughout the night. Folios are included, and we offer branding opportunities. Prints can be tagged with date, location, event title, your company logo and slogan, etc.